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Development and Renovation


We acquire well-located properties that offer a competitive advantage in the market. This unique approach to sourcing deals through tenant rep brokers and entitlement consultants provides consistent off-market projects. 


Through years of investing in multiple product sectors, we have developed and continued to expand our network of contacts to source opportunities with attractive returns. We locate on and off-market properties through our relationships with owners, brokers, lenders, tenants, and consultants. 

Our track record inspires trust. By properly underwriting properties during the initial stages of the acquisition, and taking a proactive approach to managing due diligence, we have established a reputation for closing nearly every deal we place under contract. We are the preferred buyer for sellers seeking surety of close and have purchased numerous properties below market pricing as a result.

For each project we purchase, we establish a vision to maximize the utility of the asset, paying close attention to the needs of the community. We engage architects, engineers, and other consultants to design the development or renovation plans that include sustainable and conservation-minded methods. We then implement these plans in a cost and time effective manner.


The process includes site acquisition and the underwriting along with coordination of initial renovation and engineering. Public outreach and community relations are also a priority with processing of zoning and entitlements always taken into consideration. The facilitation of construction documents with consultants and construction management monitoring costs is another action we take.​ By upholding the highest standards in our development and renovation practices, we have built a reputation for developing superior projects with profitable results.

We stabilize each project by implementing our business plan that emphasizes proactive leasing, efficient operations, and cost-effective capital expenditures. We maintain full transparency with our capital partners, in both our reporting and business plan execution, creating preserved trust in the relationship, and promoting repeat business. 

During project renovations and stabilization, our in-house property managers work actively with area leasing specialists to attract quality tenants while providing superior management of the property for existing tenants and their customers who we view as partners in the success of a project.

Our property and asset management teams work closely to maximize the profitability of projects, maintaining excellent reporting and investor relations, while capitalizing on opportunities for value creations. We take pride in creating value, not generating fees. We limit our management fees to preserve cash flow and to retain goal alignment with our partners.

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